NapsternetV is a V2ray, Psiphon ans SSH VPN client tool to browse the internet privately, securely and circumvent internet censorship. It supports V2ray protocols vless, vmess, shadowsocks, trojan and socks. It also supports psiphon protocols SSH, OSSH, UNFRONTED-MEEK-OSSH, UNFRONTED-MEEK-HTTPS-OSSH, UNFRONTED-MEEK-SESSION-TICKET-OSSH, FRONTED-MEEK-OSSH, FRONTED-MEEK-HTTP-OSSH, MARIONETTE-OSSH, TAPDANCE-OSSH, CONJURE-OSSH. The app also supports custom psiphon protocols added by us; these being; UNFRONTED-WS-OSSH, UNFRONTED-WSS-OSSH, FRONTED-WS-OSSH and FRONTED-WSS-OSSH. These new custom protocols use OSSH over websocket which can be plain or secure websocket, and can be unfronted or fronted over a CDN. These protocols are only supported by the NapsternetV app and require a custom psiphond server whose binary can be accessed here. The server binary works as the usual psiphond server but with additional support for our custom psiphon protocols.